Gavin Adamson

Assistant professor, Ryerson school of journalism

Gavin is interested in social media and its implications for journalism and its audiences. In September, he published research about how the news user changes the conversation about mental illness toward recovery via social networks. Gavin worked in the industry for 15 years and currently teaches first-year journalism.

Twitter: @ga_adamson


Asmaa Malik

Assistant professor, ryerson school of journalism

Asmaa's research and teaching interests focus on media entrepreneurship and journalism, race and representation – on social networks and in news coverage. Former deputy managing editor of the Montreal Gazette, Asmaa's work has been published in The WalrusToronto Star and The Washington Post.

Twitter: @asmaam


Eric Harley


Eric's research interests include software for learning, teaching and assessment, bioinformatics, graph algorithms and natural language processing. He received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Toronto and has taught at Ryerson since September 2000. 


Paul Tan

Research assistant, COMPUTER SCIENCE

Paul has a keen interest in all aspects of software development, especially in the fields of data science and cloud computing.